Testimonials for Astrological Predictions by Mainak and website:  https://predictionsbyastrology.com/ 
Some Testimonials are received via email, some are feed backs based on the website, some my meetings with people across the length and breadth of the country. The testimonials are only based on written emails received and pasted in the same form. Some words are in dots (….) and omitted which are not to be published in public.
Few days back one of my known from AICC have told me about Mr. Mainak Majumdar. He told me to visit his Web address
https://predictionsbyastrology.com/about-me/I have visited this address there I have gone through with his Articles, I have found them interesting. I called back my known and ask them to fix an appointment with Mr. Majumdar.So finally the day comes. I met him you won’t believe me whatever he has predicted about me n my life all that is happening with me same as he did. My God what a man he is for me he is a God on earth. Thanks Mr. Majumdar to change my life. Whatever I am today is just because of you.

Shri Varun Sharma, Secretary, Delhi Pradesh Youth Congress,
Received via Email on 9 April’ 2018




Dear Mainak,

Thank you for the accurate prediction of my career twist at the right time. Not only have you given the correct prediction, you have also given me the strength to continue without disappointment in my bad time. I hope more people would take your advice from you through your wonderful website.

Regards and best wishes,
Shri Kailash Iyer, Social Work Professional
Received via Email on 12 July, 2017


Dear Mr Mainak

Yours predictions on vedic astrology of my horoscope was impressive & accurate. I was moving through some challenging times & your guidance through Vedic astrology has helped me to face all odds & come out in flying colors.

I hope & wish that through your accurate predictions you can be help to lot of business people, associations & entrepreneurs.

My best wishes always with you.

Best regards,

Shri Anand Rawat, Manager External Affairs

Jyothy Laboratory Ltd.

Received Via Email on 12 April, 2018