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In this article, let us discuss about the astrological planet Saturn and its impacts on our lives. Astrological planet Saturn is fixed, old and is the karaka for longevity, death, disease, misery, fear, humiliation, fall (fall from a high position or from a height), poverty, misdeeds, debt, sorrow, agriculture etc. Saturn also signifies articles of iron, service, slavery, confinement, agricultural implements. Saturn rules over places inhabited by lower income group. Planet Saturn has influence over a seller or buyer of oil, servant, a mean person, a hunter, a blacksmith, an elephant, a crow and a cuckoo.

Transit of Planet Saturn as per Vedic Astrology have always brought major changes in the world as well as in the lives of the people. Sade-satti or Seven and a Half Years of Saturn on Natal Moon have always brought great learnings to native through various challenges as well as good situations of life. Planet Saturn has 3rd aspect, 7th aspect and 10th aspect from the place it is positioned. I will write a different article on the various aspect based on my experiences later.

In this article let me focus on the effects of Lord Saturn, when it will move forward or become direct from September 6, 2018.

  1. Let’s first focus on the happenings that is likely to occur in the world. It may be observed that challenges in terms of trade, intellectualism, Information Technology and supremacy may have to faced by United States, Belgium, Egypt etc. while overall increase of goodness will be there for countries like Scotland, Sweden, Russia, Denmark etc. Lord Planet aspects may cause financial challenges for countries like Jordon and Kuwait. Countries like US may make mistakes in their financial decisions and wrong communications. As per Vedic Astrology and as per my astrological analysis, US, UK, Belgium, Egypt etc may need to be careful with their communications as wrong statements is likely to lead to misunderstandings amongst Nations. Wales need to be careful in their communication with England and other Nations.
  1. Fields like Information Technology, Media must work more for profit. There may be recession in the fields of Information Technology and these Industries need to take decision with patience to stay in the competition.
  1. Profession related to the buying habits of consumers or creating an ad campaign are going to be a challenge. One need to be extra careful on matters of Sales Presentation as wrong facts may lead to loss.
  1. Top Social Networking Sites may be criticized for roles they have not thought off. Industries of social networking need to have patience and make crucial decisions thinking a lot, so as minimum loss occur.
  1. The world is likely to see good revenues generated from Dairy Products, Milk, Water, Nursing etc.
  1. Taurus Ascendant, Leo Ascendant and Capricorn Ascendant (As per Vedic Astrological Chart), need to be extra cautious about their income and bank balance. There is going to expenditure for various reasons, which will be a great challenge for the native. Though this depends on personal horoscopes and the above views are general statements.

The above write up is a general prediction and are my personal views which may not match with astrologers or others. While Destiny is hard work and luck, we wish everyone great success in one’s good endeavors. The above article is based on my experience of reading astrology subject and looking into the practicalities of the situation based on horoscope analysis for all these years.

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Mainak, Astro Specialist

ASTROLOGY ARTICLE 24: Inner Motivation and Dreams – 3rd House from Ascendant: A Vedic Astrology Analysis


Every one of us has a dream and we live each day, thinking as to when we will accomplish those visions of ours. Some dream to make a better world for us as well as for our future generations and others dream to make their living better. Dreams are the inner desire, which provides us hopes even in the worst and challenging times. The world throws up so many challenges at times that many of us crumble down. It’s true that when we are crushed down, we seek support from almost anything, with whom we attach and yet when no doors open, we seek the help of almighty which created us. No matter, we believe or not, we know that when there is a creation, there must be a creator and we start seeking divine help. Heavenly help does not mean that some extra-terrestrial happenings happen with us, it only means that we seek divinity in us, to gather courage and to push us through the challenges in order to come out in flying colors. That’s a great story to be told and if the tale is larger than oneself, it becomes a legend.

Dreams are all about finding the true meaning of one’s existence and about doing things for which one is born. It’s all about doing the stuffs, which one likes and pursuing the same irrespective of countless challenges. If you have a noble goal to achieve no matter how small it is; it will surely take off. Staying motivated is a challenge and if you can take on the trials & tribulations, you can sail sees, ride over the clouds and create an empire of your own.

For last ten years and more, I am studying books, articles, newsletters on vedic astrology and have read so many books from India and abroad that today I am confidently seeing vedic horoscopes of people. It was not an easy journey for me but after seeing innumerable horoscopes, I have come to the conclusion that this art which I read and accumulated over the years, out of my own passion has so much to deal with, that I am fascinated by the subject each day.  One Vedic chart giving rise to so many divisional charts is a fascinating thing to read and analyze.

Professionally, though my job is on disaster management and I have worked for fourteen years on the same, I found that I have an inner talent to predict and motivate. Hence the name of the website where I write is ‘Motivational Astrology’. If you find time, you may have a look at the website and read articles at:

For motivation in astrology, I give special importance to the 3rd house from the ascendant, as it’s the house, which according to me provides inspiration. 
The 3rd house from the ascendant in vedic astrology is all about staying motivated and when your desire and conviction join hands with your ‘free will’, things starts happening in this world. 

So, never stop dreaming and strengthen your 3rd house to stay motivated. Let’s analyze and discuss here as what happens when different planet rules one’s 3rd house from Ascendant in Vedic Astrology.

1. Sun:  The planet Sun is a royal star, so things of royal happenings or matters related to Government will be a source for inspiration for Gemini Ascendant. These people will be happy to be with powerful individuals in the society and will love to hear them.

2. Jupiter:  There are two zodiacs, which are ruled by Jupiter and each have their own importance. Sagittarius and Pisces zodiacs both are ruled by Jupiter but are different in nature. I am not going in details about the different Nakshatras that rules this zodiacs but Pisces as 3rd sign from Capricorn Ascendant will generally make the native, fond of romantic music and get inspired from any problems. Whereas the Sagittarius, being the 3rd house from the ascendant Libra may like to be on the move and stories of great valour, pictures of the same, Inspirational talks and fast music may take them to another level.

3. Moon:  The moon is a soft sign and Cancer being the 3rdhouse from the Taurus Ascendant is going to be inspired from politics and political speeches. So, these people will like to get closer to top politicians or be the politicians. Very Impressive arts, songs and speeches etc. are going to be their inspiration.

4. Mars:  The planet Mars rules the sign Aries and Scorpio. Aries as the 3rd house from ascendant Aquarius can instigate the native to face the world with full force; no matter how big the challenges may come. So, these natives are fond of hearing speeches from evolved souls, autobiography of people who have successfully climbed great heights in life, inspite of humongous challenges and get motivated from their tales. Whereas the zodiac Scorpio tries to go deep into the subject, so anything which helps to go profound into the subject will be a source of inspiration. If Ascendant Virgo native’s 3rd house falls in Scorpio, those people look upon the above facts for inspiration.

5. Mercury:  This planet rules two zodiacs viz. Gemini and Virgo. So, if Aries ascendant people whose 3rd house from the ascendant falls in Gemini, the person gets inspired through stories and facts from real life. They love to read and gain knowledge to gather strength for further communication. Cancer Ascendant people have their 3rd house as Virgo Zodiac, loves to hear from learned people and gather strength. The more one communicates with selected people and can connect with facts, helps them to get inspired. They also love to read facts from books, websites, speeches etc and carry on with their life.

6. Venus:  This planet rules two zodiacs, one is the Libra and the other is Taurus. For Pisces Ascendant, the 3rd house falls in Taurus zodiac and gets motivated by the pleasures of life – a beautiful home, a secure environment, soft music and songs, which help them to regain their strength. For Leo ascendant people the 3rd house falls in the Libra zodiac, who tempts them to get inspired from the beautiful things in the world, higher end products and pleasures in life. 

7. Saturn: This planet rules two zodiac signs, one is the Aquarius and the other is the Capricorn sign. Zodiac Capricorn falls as the third house from the Scorpio ascendant, the native will get inspired from doing things which serves the society at large and also will have inner ambition for power. So, these people like to read and know about powerful people in the world and may have an inner ambition to become like them. Safety and Security means a lot to them and they tend to make their environment secure. They love hearing people who have already reached heights and have made a mark in the society. Aquarius being the 3rd sign from Sagittarius ascendant, these people loves revolution and gets inspired from those people who have broken all rules, all challenges to push themselves and become legends. They will love to read about those who have succeeded amongst troubles and have ambition of becoming one. 

The above inspiration and motivation also depends on the type of planets and its aspect to ones 3rd house, one’s planets and the position of the third house planet and its conjunctions and combinations etc. The above is a general analysis and whether you agree or disagree; the fact lies that when the Sun goes up, you need to work hard towards making your dream come to reality. Each small step will add up to hundreds of step, to take you to one’s goal. So, Stay motivated and accomplish dreams which will help you, your family and the society at large. 

The above write up is a general prediction and are my personal views which may not match with astrologers. This is based on my experience of reading this subject and looking into the practicalities of the situation based on horoscope analysis for all these years.

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In today’s world, one of the main challenges we face is of employment opportunities. People try to seek jobs, which provide good pay packages and we seldom do consider if the job will lead to work satisfaction. This is a proven fact that we need finances for our day to day living and we require to generate income for sustainability. Our approach to job in many parts of  the world has been only to earn a living. This inspite of the fact that we have the ability to do things with our efforts and start business initiatives on our own. Strangely, global unemployment is on the rise and with the increase of unemployment ratio, people are applying for jobs whatever comes in their way. It’s here the problem lies.

As per the World Employment and Social Outlook trends 2016 by the International Labour Organization, it is stated that the World economy is estimated to have expanded by 3.1% in 2015 and in the next two years, the world economy is projected to grow by only around 3%, which is significantly less than before the advent of the global crisis. Another sign of economic weakness is the fact that global trade which had typically expanded twice with the global economy is presently as per or below in line with or at a lower rate than global growth and thus pushing unemployment level to over 197 million in 2015 (As per International Labour Organization).

All these do not provide any promising figures and we need to introspect further towards a new types of business i.e Entrepreneurship from one’s hidden talents. This concept will help one to start an initiative which is wonderful to perform as a job and also generate finance. Chances of failures may be significantly reduced as one is pursuing a talent, where no one is forcing one to do the job, instead it’s by one’s own efforts, one is pursuing his/her dreams.

Lets analyze, if Vedic Astrology can come to any help.

In Vedic Horoscopes, one predicts profession by seeing the 10th House from Ascendant, 5th House, 2nd House and 11th House. However, one’s hidden talents are mostly seen from the 12th House from Ascendant. Since the 12th House is 3rd from the 10th House, one find’s one’s SELF in this house. It is generally stated that the 12th House from the ascendant deals with Foreign Assignments and Foreign Lands, however most predictions are made taking the fact that the 12th house is the house of financial and economic losses leading to huge expenditure. However, to me personally, the 12th House is not only about losses but it’s about losses of your efforts towards reaching one’s dream. It’s about your valor, courage, risk taking abilities, recognition for efforts and perseverance through which one gain’s one life’s goal. It’s not easy to achieve dreams with the 12th house planetary placement, but it’s also not difficult.

So, based on your 12th house and the lord’s placement in the said house, you may have an inner wish to do things which can give you success. Seventh House also plays a lead role in doing business. The position of the seventh lord from the Ascendant in Vedic Astrology is very important in overseeing the type of business one can do for being benefited. However, the 12th house from Ascendant is about one’s own effort towards taking forward one’s hobby into profession.

Let’s analyse as to what happens, if one’s 12th house from ascendant has the below astrological planets placed in their charts:

A. Sun – One of the positive side of this placement is that the native will have an inner talent of interacting with Powerful Authorities especially from Government. The native will have skills to influence Regulatory Authorities and Public Sector Undertakings. Hence, these people may get contracts from these agencies regarding the subject they are working upon. So, Government Affairs/Government Relations and Corporate Affairs are work which may suit them due to their inner talents and dream. These people also wants to be advisors of Powerful people. If these people starts entrepreneurship, chances are there that they may end up getting big contracts from Government if not the planet Sun is afflicted or sitting with malefic or debilitated.

B. Mars – One of the positive side of this placement is that the native will have an inner wish to do business in the legal sector, opening up an electrical shop or electrical venture, getting contracts from the Petrochemical & defense Sector, security related business etc. Again as said earlier, these tendencies depends on the Strength of the planet Mars, its placement in the house with a malefic or benefic and its debilitation or exaltation.

C. Mercury – One of the positive side of this placement is that the native will have an inner wish to open up a restaurant and may love, making new cuisines which if tried can make into a profitable business. Love to make food will help one to open up a restaurant at one point of life. Also these people day dream and can be a great speaker on stage. Since, Mercury is about communication, these persons has an inner talent to give advices and can be a great motivational speaker, writer etc. Again, all these depends of the placement of Mercury in the house with a malefic or benefic and its debilitation or exaltation.

D. Moon – One of the positive side of this placement is that the native will have an inner wish to be a creator. Through their creativity, these people can get name and fame. They love perfection in the work they do and these people have a hidden talent to create, become a designer, architecture, dancers and any form of arts which may require creativity. Again, all these depends of the placement of Moon in the house with a malefic or benefic and its debilitation or exaltation.

E. Venus – One of the positive side of this placement is that the native will have very high artistic sense. These people are also very good finance managers and through their efforts, these people can become very good financial implication strategists, fine arts etc. Again, all these depends of the placement of Venus in the house with a malefic or benefic and its debilitation or exaltation.

F. Jupiter – One of the positive side of this placement is that these natives have a hidden talent to become a great philosopher, spiritual leader and motivational speaker. They have a hidden talent to value other modern and ancient cultures and have exceptional knowledge about them. They are also good in dancing art. Again, all these depends on the placement of Jupiter in the house with a malefic or benefic and its debilitation or exaltation.

G. Saturn – One of the positive side of this placement is that these natives can become great leader of the masses. People automatically follow them due to their social activities. Though Saturn will at one point of time delay their progress but can make them famous after constant efforts. These people are great photographers. They have an inner talent on photography and also may take photography as a profession. Saturn also makes the natives excel in public speeches and stand with the weaker sections of the society. Again, all these depends of the placement of Saturn in the house with a malefic or benefic and its debilitation or exaltation.

H. Rahu – One of the positive side of this placement is that these natives will become great actor/actress, magician, illusionist etc. They can have great skill to be in television serials and can also be seen as a news editor or controlling media. Again, all these depends on the placement of Rahu in the house with a malefic or benefic etc.

I. Ketu – One of the positive side of this placement is that these natives will be spiritually connected to the almighty and can become great spiritual leaders, writers and spiritual gurus. Again, all these depends on the placement of Ketu in the house with a malefic or benefic etc.

Often people just do things as a hobby but imagine if we take that our hobby further into entrepreneurship & business, these can really open up a great source of income. No professions in today’s world are high level or low level. Even selling coffee/tea can help one to get a new contact towards opening up a bigger shop and latter these people can be a good tea or business manager. There is no end to ones hidden financial aspirations, but I personally feel that if one follows one’s hidden talents and turns into opportunities, it may provide good dividends in future.

This is just a simple astrological analysis about one’s hidden talents, which are best analyzed observing the planets position in one’s house, the type of the house, the lord of the house which may be benefic or non benefic, the strength of the 12th house and the strength of the 12th house planets etc.

The above write up is a general prediction and these are my personal views which may not match with astrologers. This is based on my experience of reading this subject and looking into the practicalities of the situation based on horoscope analysis for all these years.

Mainak Majumdar
Astro Specialist