Planet Saturn in Vedic astrology has been given more importance with reference to one’s karma. Astrological Planet Rahu and Ketu is also known as the Karmic Planet and Planet Saturn provides results based on one’s Karma (deeds). Planet Saturn is a dreaded slow moving planet and provides results based on its transits in different zodiac houses and nakshatras. Right now Planet Saturn is in Jyeshtha Nakshatra and will move to Moola Nakshatra ruled by planet Ketu on 26 October, 2017. This transit will affect different zodiac people as well as different nakshatra in various ways. Some may be benefitted and for others, this transit can throw challenging situations.

Planet Saturn plays a very important role in any person’s rise or fortune. As per the mythological story, Saturn is a planet which grants result as per one’s karma. So, whether one gets good effect or bad result depends on one karmic action performed earlier or in previous births. Saturn plays a vital role in one’s professional life. A well placed Saturn in one’s chart helps to rise high in life but with lots of struggle. A position attained through struggle is generally retained for long if the assignment awarded is due to lord Saturn.

As per the mythology, Saturn is the Son of Surya and Chaya. Saturn has a very strained relation with his father Surya or Lord Sun. That’s the reason, during the Sade-Satti Phase, the zodiac Leo ruled by Lord Sun suffers the most. Saturn represents the old people, disabled people and humans who are not benefitted in the society. Oil, Gas and Petroleum Sector is also ruled by Saturn. In the human body, Saturn rules the bones. So, if anyone has problems related to bones, it is generally due to the malefic effect of Saturn.

Saturn Dristi is the 3rd house, 7th house and 10th house. So, whenever Saturn looks into these houses, there is a problem related to those houses. Saturn in turn protects the house in which it is positioned.

Transit of Saturn into Sagittarius this 26 October, 2017 will be the starting of the seven years Sade Satti Phase for the Capricorn Moon Signs. This will also lead to peak time sade satti for Sagittarius Moon Signs and will be the last phase of the Scorpio Moon Signs. Additionally the Moon sign Zodiacs, who are going to be affected, are Gemini and Virgo. The Zodiac’s who will be relieved during this time from Dhaiya is Leo, Taurus and to some extent Aries. Options and Opportunities are going to open up for the Natal Moon Signs of Leo, Taurus and Aries. The moon signs of Aquarius will be towards a major period of opportunities and new beginnings.

Sade Satti happens when Saturn the karmic planet travels the natal Moon sign in the twelfth, first and the second house. Sade Satti is not bad, but it acts as life’s teacher. During the first phase, an individual tends to make mistakes which turns to be a learning lesson for the individual. The second phase disturbs ones health and the third phase leads to maximum travel in one’s life due to various reasons. However, there are cases, where it has been observed that Sade Satti have actually helped an individual lead a great life during its peak time phase. All this depends on the analysis of the total chart and the horoscope analysis done based on several parameters.

The above write up is a general prediction and are my personal views which may not match with astrologers. This is based on my experience of reading this subject and looking into the practicalities of the situation based on horoscope analysis for all these years.

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ASTROLOGY ARTICLE 21: Pitri Dosh – A Vedic Astrology Analysis



Today let us discuss about the term Pitra Dosh. Almost all astrologers say that Pitra dosh is very dangerous and that it provides one with lots of troubles in one’s family life and one’s career. People afflicted with Pitra Dosh tends to change ones job quite often and do not get settled in one’s life and there may be problems with one’s own father. However, most astrologers will add that Pitra Dosh causes delay in marriage, in child birth & is the cause for miscarriages etc. But personally, my point is that it becomes difficult for the person to settle in one’s career and there are ups and downs in one’s relation with father.

To me it’s not about curse of ancestors, but this is all about ancestor’s deeds and what we may do to release the debt. There is a karmic debt somewhere which leads to this type of ‘Dosha’. This happens when Sun and Rahu comes together in 9th or 10th house. Here let me point out that these dosha is formed when the degree difference between Sun and Rahu is below 10 degrees. Also one need to find the degree of the planet Rahu in terms of its retrograde motion and the planet Sun based on which one can analysis Pitri Dosh. Generally, these makes a person gets stability in life in later part of their innings especially after 35 years.

Also it is said that if the 9th Lord is afflicted, then also pitri dosh is formed in a horoscope. So, pitri dosh is not about curse of the ancestors, it’s all about debt of the ancestors and their work which you need to perform in one’s life. It is said that your ancestors may have performed some deeds which may have created such troubles and pains for others. That bad karma passes on to its next generations and the future generations needs to repay back the debt. Now the question will obviously arise with the fact that when an individual has not done anything bad in his life, why has one to suffer? It is said that there are chances that the same person who did this misdeed is again born in the same family to suffer. Well that’s what this hypothetical concept goes.

However, from the point of vedic astrology, you need to find as to which lord is afflicting the Ninth house and remedies done in forms of charity willfully generally helps to release the karmic debt.

The above write up is a general prediction and these are my personal views which may not match with astrologers. This is based on my experience of reading this subject and looking into the practicalities of the situation based on horoscope analysis for all these years.

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