Entrepreneurship, Creating Your Own Business Destiny – An Astrological Analysis (Article 68)

The History of the World had witnessed so many ups and downs. It has gazed Empires rising and fall, it has seen business rise from the scratches and lost in the mists of time. Over years, this planet had watched new Generations rise to innovative solutions only to address the immediate problems of all living species and had created business out of nothing.

Some of the world’s greatest organizations have started their journey due to a vision, which addressed human’s immediate problems and outshined all for years. They still exist and inspire, because either they are very streamlined or they have carried the ethics and values of their ‘founding figures’. The world is a much better place as the fabulous stories of those great entrepreneurs encourage us, motivate us, inspire us to see the world in a new way and help us in creating a spark in ourselves even in times when we are in distress, depression and tribulations.

Say, it may be Steve Jobs, Rose Blumkin, Lawrence Edward Page, Sergey Brin, Walter Elias Disney, Madam C. J. Walker, Andrew Carnegie, Colonel Harland David Sanders, Hans Christian Anderson etc their creative stories will always remain as a motivation for the seekers who wants to follow their own passion of building newer art or products through their inner talents. There are many others extraordinary humans who have undergone satisfaction through their own personal entrepreneurship ventures and have succeeded in their own sector by constantly following their passion. There is also heart sank tales, where it states about the failures of budding entrepreneurs due to various reasons. It’s a constant contest between success and failure, which makes an individual come out in flying colours and move on having faith on one’s talent, to pursue the souls urge of creation and innovation.

Astrology or Cosmic Science foretells or predicts things based on one’s placement of planets as well as their position in a specific Nakshatra or in a specific division called padas. However, everyone in their astrological horoscope have the third house planet which will always motivate one-self to move ahead irrespective of great challenges. That’s the cosmic spirit which helps one to foster courage and encouragement to pursue one’s goal.

In my reading of Astrology for over years, I have found that there is nothing wrong or right. It’s the perception in which you see or receive a particular condition or situation. Any afflicted astrological placement of planets one may have in any Vedic Astrology Chart, in terms of Relationships whether Business or legal, is often related to one’s 7th Lord from Ascendant in the D1 Vedic Chart. By D1 chart, I mean, the horoscope which is the main Ascendant Chart. But whatever the 7th Lord condition may be, the 3rd Lord will always inspire or motivate you to do the things which you love to do in your life.

Now, lets take an example of a founder of a Restaurant, an American fast food restaurant chain headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, that specializes in fried chicken. Let’s analyse the founder’s chart based on the data of date of birth taken from online websites. (Please note that this is only for the purpose of understanding astrology through research)


The above horoscope clearly shows that this Gentleman have a very strong cosmic planet Mercury, followed by a very strong Venus. Analysing the 3rd House, I find that its ruled by Aquarius. It’s the sign which helps any form of weak establishment to grow. Now this sign is sitting in the 9th House in the Purva-phalguni Nakshatra. So, this shows that this Gentleman will have a creative approach in all his ventures. If you look at the 12th house from the Ascendant then one can observe that Planet Mars is sitting in Jyestha Nakshatra which is again ruled by planet Mercury. Interestingly the 7th Lord Mercury is sitting in the Hasta Nakshatra in the tenth house of Virgo in its own sign, which adds on to the power of this planet. If you see the strength of the planets, it’s no surprise that Planet Mercury has the highest strength in the chart and that determines that either this person will love writing, communicating or would be great in cooking and opening up a restaurant. I have observed that the 12th house and its significance do make a human’s name cross boundaries. Here if you analyse the position of Mars in the horoscope then one can easily find that Scorpio Mars will extend that fire, that strength to go ahead in this human’s business. Mars in Mercury nakshatra for a Hasta Nakshatra means that he is going to do something which is by his own hand. If you analyse this Nakshatra closely, you can find that it’s symbol is hand and the body parts are fingers. Mercury in this Nakshatra means that it has the power and ability to achieve whatever they want and they progress towards achieving their goal. Now, looking at the D7 divisional chart, we can find that Mercury is in the 7th house in Moon Sign of Cancer with Mars in aspect with Moon. That also again states that this business has to do something with Fire and Restaurant and some type of food which is fiery and spicy. Since Mars is sitting in Jyestha Nakshatra and based on its Gana, it will instigate him to prepare foods which will not be vegetarian. However, proximity of planet Ketu with Mars lead to delay and struggles. This Gentleman became famous for one its best Fried Chicken in the world. Now this is the world’s second-largest restaurant chain as of 2018.

There are many examples which will showcase beautiful stories, full of trials and tribulations. If you read their stories on Entrepreneurship, then one can understand that business ventures were not easy for all these individuals. They faced many failures, struggles and challenges and yet moved on because the passion of creation was far greater than the hurdles. So, its not a matter of fact, if one is a teenager, a millennial, an adult, a middle age human or a retired individual, we all can create better solutions for the world, if only we have the passion to follow the same.

The only limitation we have is in our mind.

Once we overcome that limitation, everything is possible in this world. It’s good to work for others, if you have the same passion and vision as your present organization. However, if your talents are elsewhere i.e. in photography, writing, singing, travelling etc my suggestion is at least invest some part of your free time to do the things you love to do. Who knows one day, you may become one of the best creators in the world and a successful ENTREPRENEUR.

Astrology can help one to understand the type of Business one can invest by one’s efforts. It can help to analyse the strengths and state ways to strengthen one’s mind so as to bring focus towards one’s life’s mission and vision towards creating a business of one’s own through entrepreneurship.

As the heading goes, everyone can become an entrepreneur if we have the passion to visualize our dreams and take a small moment in investing on the same.

Thanks for reading. The above small brief is a general prediction and are my personal views which may not match with astrologers or others in the same or related sectors.

While Destiny is hard work and luck, we wish everyone great success in one’s good endeavours. The above article is based on my experience of reading astrology subject and looking into the practicalities of the situation based on horoscope analysis for years.


M Majumdar, Astrologer


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In the Cosmic Sky, there will be a major transition and on 7th March, 2019 the North Node of the Moon is transiting to the Zodiac sign Gemini. However, as per calculations, the North Node of the Moon, the astrological planet Rahu is scheduled to transit from 23 March, 2019 at 1.17 pm as per some astrologers.

This being a major transit after almost one year 8 months, it is likely to influence all of us in various ways. The zodiac sign Gemini has two and one fourth nakshatras. It may be noted that these Nakshatras represent the mind, the higher or lower energies and uncertainties. So, what will happen when the north node of the Moon will transit into the Punarvasu Nakshatra during this period? It is to be noted that Purnavasu Nakshatra is ruled by the astrological planet Jupiter.

For the next one year and eight months, the astrological planet Rahu will transit through the Nakshatras Punarvasu, Ardra and Mrigasira. Now as this karmic planet moves forward, there will be various happenings as per Business and Entrepreneurship is concerned. While Punarvasu is ruled by the planet Jupiter, the other Nakshatras like Ardra and Mrigasira is ruled by planet Rahu and Mars respectively. Hence in the Gemini Zodiac sign as per the timing of the events, a lot of communications, ups and downs will be seen in various sectors, where the planet Rahu will transit. 

When the North Node of the Moon, planet Rahu transits to 3rd pada of Purnavasu from 26 degree 40 seconds to 30 degree is likely to increase in business for the following sectors:

  1. Food Sector
  2. Restaurant Sector
  3. Publishing Sector
  4. Tourism and Travelling Sector
  5. Dental and Dermatologist equipment’s and business related to these sectors
  6. Movies which deals with fantasy world and animated movies sector
  7. Aviation sector is also likely to get a boost during this time.
  8. Marketing and Advertising Business
  9. Talk Show related sectors
  10. Writers and journalists are likely to see boost in their career
  11. Trade including Export and Import

The North Node of the Moon is comfortable in the 3rd pada of Purnavasu Nakshatra and it will be empowered to provide intelligence to Zodiac sign Gemini. Here the astrological planet Rahu will work as thinker and analyst.  When this planet transits to the second pada of the Purnvasu Nakshatra i.e from 23 degree 20 seconds to 26 degree 40 seconds, astrological planet Rahu will be at its best and will act like an exalted planet. The North Node of the moon is likely to bless the following business during this time.

  1. Retail banking
  2. Photography Sector
  3. Interior Designing
  4. Art Performers
  5. Chefs in Hotels is likely to increase their income and customers
  6. Fragrance Sector
  7. Automobile Sector

However, different types of events are likely to happen when the North Node of the Moon transits to first pada of Punarvasu i.e from 20 degree to 23 degree and 20 seconds. When planet Rahu transits to the first pada of the nakshatra, there will be turbulence and ups and downs in the following sectors:

  1. Petrochemical Sector
  2. Pharmaceutical Sector
  3. Chemical Sector
  4. Medical Equipment’s
  5. Defense Equipment’s Trade
  6. Sports Sector
  7. Private Hospitals is likely to see increase in Revenue

However from November, 2019, again there is a change, in which different sectors of business is likely to get a boost. But, in general, the following sectors are likely to see gains:

  1. Food and Restaurant Business
  2. Publishing Houses
  3. To some extent Aviation Sector

It must be remembered that while the North Node of the Moon crosses through the Gemini Sign, the south node of the Moon will be exactly opposite side and will transit through the warrior zodiac sign Sagittarius in first pada of Uttara Asadhra Nakshatra. With the transit of Planet Ketu in the 26 degree 40 seconds to 30 degrees in Sagitarrius in the first pada of Uttara Asadhra, it will bring philosophical new thinking’s, changing the way how one use to work and will bring up new talents for the market. Astrological Planet Ketu entering this sign is likely to lead to the following events for few months:

  1. Analysis of new thoughts and constructive criticism of the Rulers of the land
  2. New Talents coming up to show case their products
  3. Philosophical writings get a boost.
  4. Opposition Political Parties forms new alliances, based on constructive thinking.

As days pass, I will write new articles based on this transit and if you like reading this article; I look forward to your comments. The entire analysis and prediction is based on Vedic Astrology and based on the transit of the North and South Node of the Moon. This is a general prediction and individual business and entrepreneurship opportunities will entirely depend on one’s personal horoscope.

For any detailed horoscope analysis and astrological consultations/suggestions, you may click the above link at the header menu or may email me at: mainak_micro@rediffmail.com & predictionsbyastrology@gmail.com

The above write up is a general prediction and are my personal views which may not match with astrologers or others. While Destiny is hard work and luck, we wish everyone great success in one’s good endeavors. The above article is based on my experience of reading astrology subject and looking into the practicalities of the situation based on horoscope analysis for all these years.


M Majumdar, Astro Specialist