Healthcare System in USA -An Astrological Analysis 2020: Article 67

It was one evening when I was thinking about the Kafkaesque of Health Sector and the plight of the people of the World, where poverty crosses their coping capacity to see health as their fundamental right. In many places there are greater humans who have ameliorated better policies for improvement of people, who are less privilege. How much Infernal interminable problem it may seem, all dilemma can be solved through endurance and fortitude. As an Astrology writer, I have an inner feeling that our world is going to be better in terms of Healthcare. I wish that my dream may come true. As my inner mind confabulated on the same, in this article I thought of writing about the year 2020 and the impact of the cosmic sky on the Healthcare System of United States of America.

Healthcare issues have always been a peregrination journey for United States. It’s not only United States, I feel that every Nation needs a very comprehensive healthcare policy. That will help our brothers and sisters in all parts across the globe to live better and healthy.

So, what does Vedic Astrology foretells about United States in the year 2020 on the Healthcare Sector?

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