As the world grows, so is communication. In many countries earlier, people use to send messages through horses, birds, messengers and through telegrams. As the world moved ahead, we post letters through Post Offices and Couriers. Today in this high communication small world, we do not have to post letters, as its just a ‘click’ away from the other person. With Social Media, emails and other electronic forms of messages, we not only send our thoughts in seconds but also speak to the individual live!

What an innovation boom, where we can speak and see another person through social media in just a ‘click’! In astrology all sorts of communication are due to the astrological planet Mercury. That’s why people having an excellent Mercury position in the Lagna chart are great Orators. We just listen to these speakers and feel like as if the communication should go on and on…

Mercury is the fastest planet in the solar system and moves in greater speed than any other planets and hence the natives with well placed Mercury can think fast and make indelible work for society through their great ideas. Mercury is the smallest and innermost planet in the Solar System. Its orbital period around the Sun of 87.97 days and is the shortest of all the planets in the Solar System. Mercury, the messenger of the Gods is named after a Roman Deity. Mercury orbits the Sun within Earth’s orbit and never exceeds 28 degree away from the planet Sun. When viewed from Earth, this proximity to the Sun means the planet can only be seen near the western or eastern horizon during the early evening or early morning.

Mercury represents many sectors starting from Trade, Communication, Intellect and all forms of write-ups etc, but the most important thing that this planet represents is about Clue’s to one’s problems. A well-placed Mercury will provide one with the necessary types of intellect through which one gets over situations and that’s where one comes out in flying colour. Mercury provides sudden ideas based on which one moves ahead in life. Suppose, you are into a job for many years and struggling to make a mark and suddenly, one moment, you find that an idea that made you think differently, helped you to do things unique and thus move ahead in life. Well, to my experience there can be two planets attached in such types of phenomenon’s i.e planet Uranus and Rahu. These planets provide sudden thoughts which leads to great innovations.

But there is a difference between the thoughts shared by Planet Rahu and Planet Uranus with that of Planet Mercury. The basic difference lies in the fact that Planet Mercury may provide Ideas which can make you get success in your daily life, either in your career or business, but Planet Rahu produces a thought, which changes the world and so is with Uranus. Hence, Planet Mercury plays a very important role in one’s life as it’s the giver of IDEAS and intelligence. It shows the way forward in difficult times. There are many humans whose Planet Mercury is not in good position and struggles to get more of life, even if they may have the best education, qualification and schooling. If you have to move ahead in life, strengthen your planet Mercury in the basic horoscope chart. These can be done by loving environment, the greenery, connecting yourself with Nature, breathing in pure air (by that I mean, Air free from pollution), Understanding your connect with this Mother Earth etc.

Planet Mercury plays a very important part in one’s life as it rules the nervous system. Hence by strengthening one’s Mercury one can also strengthen ones decision making process and thus move ahead in life. Thank you for taking your time and reading this article. I look forward to your comments, if your time permits.

The above write up is a general prediction and are my personal views which may not match with astrologers or others. While Destiny is hard work and luck, we wish everyone great success in one’s good endeavours. The above article is based on my experience of reading astrology subject and looking into the practicalities of the situation based on horoscope analysis for all these years.

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ASTROLOGY ARTICLE 25: Planet of Communication Mercury’s Journey to Scorpio Zodiac: A Vedic Astrology Analysis


Mercury is the planet for communications and intelligence. Mercury is the smallest and the innermost planet in the solar system, which revolves round the Sun with an orbital period of 88 days. It is named after the Roman deity Mercury, which is the messenger to the Gods. This planet revolves close to Sun and never exceeds 28 degree from the Sun.

Astrologically, this is a very fast moving planet and signifies movement, intelligence and communication of all types. Mercury is a benefic planet but its results depend on its position in the Ascendant Chart. Mercury in the 6th house, 8th house and the 12th house is not so beneficial, if not placed in its own sign of Gemini or Virgo. This planet is extremely fast and hence sometimes produces profligate results.

The body part ruled by Mercury is the nervous system, since it deals with communication and nerves, which carries the instruction from the brain. So, malefic mercury may cause nervous disorder and sudden panic attacks. Rahu if placed with malefic mercury may lead to major anxiety attacks. On the other hand, a well-placed Rahu with benefic Mercury can take one to great heights in the communication domain, writing, skilled speaking or can become a great restaurant owner or information technology person, astrologers etc.

Mercury’s day is Wednesday and its direction is North. The mahadasha of Mercury is for 17 years. Mercury is currently in the Vishakha Nakshatra of Jupiter in Scorpio. Mercury will affect different ascendants in various ways. Given below is an analysis:

  1. Aries Ascendant/Moon Sign: Mercury has entered your 8th house. One may get philosophical in approach and may become analytical. These people will suddenly become immensely curious on various things and will go deep into the crux of the situation by communicating or reading. This transit may lead to sudden statements which may harm the native. However, malefic impacts of Mercury in eighth house may cause eye problems, vein problems, blood disorders or sudden loss in trade and investments. In an agitated situation, it is wise not to make the communication harsh.
  1. Taurus Ascendant/ Moon Sign: Here Mercury rules the 2nd house and the 5thhouse. So, when the 2ndlord and the 5thlord goes to the 7th house in Scorpio, you may expect wealth being generated from some foreign travel or sudden wealth increase due to spouse. Since Mercury is the ruler, the wealth is likely to come from Stocks, Investments, Information Technology Sources, Restaurants etc. Also there will be a lot of communication with one’s legal partner in business or life. 
  1. Gemini Ascendant/ Moon Sign:   Here Mercury rules the 1stHouse and the 4thhouse in a Vedic horoscope. When Mercury sits in the 6th house from the ascendant, it means that soul will go into transformations to fight against enemies and diseases. There may be some challenging situation with one’s mother. One needs to be diplomatic to handle such situations.
  1. Cancer Ascendant/Moon Sign: Here Mercury rules the 12th house and the 3rd house and Mercury sitting in the 5th house means, now is the time when you will push your valor through creativity. Also, this means that the native may tend to spend a lot on one’s children and invest in one’s dreams. 
  1. Leo Ascendant/Moon Sign: Here Mercury rules the 2nd house and the 11th house and the same goes to the 4th house. This means gains in life in terms of finances but since Mercury is not in a good position in the house of Mars i.e Scorpio, hence Mother’s health may suffer. You may try to reach out to more number of friends in your birth place. 
  1. Virgo Ascendant/Moon Sign: Here Mercury rules the 1st house and the 10th house and the same goes to the 3rd house. So, the native may tend to gain strength through bigger organizations. Younger sister’s/brother’s health may be not well this period of time. 
  1. Libra Ascendant/Moon Sign: Here Mercury rules the 12th house and the 9th house and it goes to the 2nd house, means that there may be problems with one’s income or may get income through other sources. You will tend to do a lot of expenses on your family and work pressure may be high. 
  1. Scorpio Ascendant/ Moon Sign: Here Mercury rules the 11th house and the 8th house and goes to the first house. So, astrological planet Mercury may bring suddenness in one’s attitude. One’s network circle starts influencing one’s soul. One starts dreaming about greater goals in one’s life. 
  1. Sagittarius Ascendant/ Moon Sign: Here Mercury rules the 7th house and the 10th house and Mercury goes to one’s 12th house. So, there may be some delay into contracts & professional work place. 
  1. Capricorn Ascendant/ Moon Sign: Here Mercury rules the 6th house and the 9th house. Hence, these natives may face challenges in their own network circles. May be their own network circle behave in a different manner, which may not be expected in a friendly circle. Also some major gains may be received from one’s father. 
  1. Aquarius Ascendant/ Moon Sign: Here Mercury rules the 5th house and the 8th house. So, though there will be some challenges in the professional front, the native will try to bring creativity in one’s job. Also, if the native have a child, the child may accompany or play a role in one’s profession. 
  1. Pisces Ascendant/Moon Sign: Here Mercury rules the 4th house and the 7th house of the Vedic horoscope and what happens when Mercury goes down to one’s 9th house. The native may get happiness and comfort by traveling, writing and gets gain in finances. However, this also means that mother’s memories and childhood thought recollection may make the native nostalgic. If someone travels, that person will move to faraway places. 

All said I again want to stress that Life is full of opportunities and in the midst of humongous challenges when the all doors seem closed, don’t get disheartened. Strengthen your 3rd house (my earlier article) and move on. Life has lots of gifts and surprises and you can still create an empire through constant motivation and if your life’s purpose serves higher good, you become a legend. 

Planet Mercury is a communicative planet and it affects all in different ways. So, the astrological planet Mercury entered Scorpio on November 2, 2017 and will be entering Sagittarius on November 24, 2017. 

The above write up is a general prediction and are my personal views which may not match with astrologers. This is based on my experience of reading this subject and looking into the practicalities of the situation based on horoscope analysis for all these years. 

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