Astrology Article 5: Importance of 4th House from Ascendant – A Vedic Astrology Analysis


Fourth House from the Ascendant in Vedic Astrology is a Kendra house. In Vedic Astrology there are 4 Kendra Houses i.e the First House, the Fourth House, the Seventh House and the Tenth House. Generally, when we discuss about the fourth house, we speak about our HOME and MOTHER. Fourth house also deals with family bonds and the native’s relation with family.

Fourth House in Vedic Astrology signifies one’s dwellings, gardens, fields & properties which are not movable. It also refers to one’s ancestral house in which one is born. Fourth House is also one of the Kendra House and is a powerful house in terms of happiness, comfort & success. Fourth House also refers to wells and thus signifies water and fluids.

If there is an aspect by malefic planets, fourth house then denotes moving away from one’s home or living far from one’s birth place. Fourth house also refers to old castles, monuments or masterpieces of architecture. If you are fond of vehicles then one has to analysis this house for ownership of vehicles. Hence, fourth house signifies vehicles & conveyances. It also determines native’s popularity amongst masses.

Fourth house is always treated as one of the most important house in Vedic Chart and stands for happiness, comfort and the native’s capacity to take rest. In some ways the fourth house also rules holy places and moral values. Consequently a good fourth house means good mind, intellect, high qualification, high school and collegiate education.
Any astrological planet placed in this house and in a friendly sign will give positive results. If the fourth house lord is weak and is sitting with a malefic planet, then the native will tend to go into argument. Fourth Lord in a tenth house is likely to take profession in vehicle or real estate sector.

The above write-up is a general prediction and these are my personal views, which may not match with other astrologers. This is based on my years of experience on reading this subject and looking into the practicalities of the situation based on horoscope analysis for all these years.
Mainak Majumdar
Astro Specialist


Astrology Article 4: Importance of 3rd House from Ascendant in Vedic Astrology

Third House in Vedic astrology is very important in terms of one’s courage, which is required to accomplish one’s goals. It’s about valour, courage, tenacity to take risks, recognition for one’s effort and perseverance. What the third house also means is one’s inclination towards intellectual hobbies, literary efforts and studiousness.
Waking up from sleep, one have a feeling which may be wonderful or may be sad; both of which are determined by ones third house (as per Vedic Astrology).
Third house of one’s horoscope also rules one’s physical hands, arms, ears, collar bone, neck, shoulder blade, upper chest, throat and nervous system. Third house also signifies ones cousins, neighbours, younger brother or sister, colleagues and friends. Third house also rules female servants and mediators. Third house is eighth from the eighth house and hence it determines the longevity of the native.
So, if you are in love with sports and your third house is strong, then you may be good sports –human. Apart from these, third house also determines change of residence and being 7th house from the 9th, this house also serves as spiritual house. Third house is also for writing, accounting, news, rumours, public instructions etc.
Hence, if one’s third lord is strong, then the native will have deep interest in writing, will have a spirit towards becoming a news editor, writer and also have the courage to face life’s challenges with a smile. Let’s place some interesting facts which tend to make some people face life differently. What will happen, if Rahu or Mars sits in the third house and Rahu is placed in a strong sign? The native tends to become a great singer or writer. However, Rahu may also cause diseases in the parts which are ruled by the third house. It is said that if the sixth house or the tenth house is related to the third house then a native may likely to join a uniformed service.
It is also to be noted that if the first, third or the sixth lord is somehow connected, then the native is likely to be in service. It is also to be noted that if the third, tenth and eleventh house is linked, then the native is also likely to earn through service.
Hence depending on the type of the house, its placement, its strength, its level of activity, a third house lord provides different situations in terms of opportunities or loss to an individual. A careful study of the third house lord and the third house planets can tell many tales about an individual life and the strength to overcome challenges.
The above write-up is a general prediction and these are my personal views, which may not match with other astrologers. This is based on my years of experience on reading this subject and looking into the practicalities of the situation based on horoscope analysis for all these years.
Thanks once again for reading.
Mainak Majumdar
Astro Specialist

Astrology ARTICLE 3: Importance of Money House – 2nd House In Your Horoscope (Vedic Astrology)


Whenever there is a discussion on analysis of one’s horoscope, ninety percent of the queries are about career, income and finances. All of us are much worried about the finances and ones question always circles around profits. At what time there will be huge gain in wealth and when money will get attracted to ones bank accounts? When will the income surplus expenditure? All these are contemplation s when one goes to a fortune-teller.

Analysis of the Second house (as per Vedic Astrology) from the Ascendant provides answer to all these queries. Let’s understand as to what is the second house and what does it signify. The second house refers to ones wealth, jewels, clothes, perfumes, ones financial status, gains and losses from dependents, ones earning from ones efforts, the natives financial success from ones profession and sometimes law suits.

The Second house (as per Vedic Astrology) also signifies one’s family and one’s relation with family members and persons who are in close association with the native as well as the individuals, whom the native feeds. The second house also determines ones speech and hence no wonder it rules those parts of the body which deals with the quality of your voice.

Second House also rules Face, Cheek, Chin, Nose, Nails, Teeth and some astrologers also say that it rules the neck and your voice. It’s clearly prognosticated that if Venus rules your second house, you will have a wonderful voice and the most famous singers have a very strong Second Lord. If the Second Lord is situated in your career house i.e tenth house (as per Vedic Astrology) or house of Gain i.e Eleventh house (as per Vedic Astrology), the native will be a great accumulator of wealth.

The Second Lord also makes one understand as to what type of food you would like to have. If the Second Lord is ruled by fiery sign like Mars, one will love to take foods, which are spicy and hot. If the Second lord is ruled by Saturn, one will love to take dark colour food and will like chocolates and feel affection for foods which are cold. The Second Lord also at time determines one’s second marriage and the timings of the same. So, probably after reading about the second house, you may now understand that second house rules various attributes of life along with ones finances.

Now here are some facts which after reading you may be able to analyze the second house much better. If one’s Second and Fifth Lord are connected with Venus, the native will do exceptionally well in the field of singing.  Since the Second house also rules ones accumulated wealth and if the astrological planet Ketu sits here with another beneficial planet, the combination will bestow the native will immense wealth. If the second lord is sitting in the eleventh house with Jupiter or Venus, the native will earn huge income. It has been observed that if the second lord is someway related to Saturn or Rahu along with the Moon, the native tend to take alcohol.

Since second house also rules family, it is observed that if the second house has the aspect of astrological planets Saturn, Rahu or the twelfth house Lord, then the native is likely to get separated from his parents in his/her childhood. That’s sad, but that’s something destiny may have written for some higher good. It has also been observed that if the owner of the second house is strong and in the chart the positions of Mercury and Jupiter is good and have medium strength, the native is going to do exceptionally well in the academic career.

So, a powerful Second House will bestow a native with abundance financially as well as in family life. It’s no wonder that you may have your second house lord as Mars, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Sun, Moon, Mercury or you may have Rahu or Ketu placed in the second house, you will experience different types of social status and a different type of feelings for and of family life. That’s the reason our experience are different in this journey called ‘life’. Hence we have dissimilar stories to tell and each one is beautiful; in its own way. No planetary combinations are good and bad; it’s the strength of these planets, its position, its aspects, its afflictions, its beneficial combinations and its maha-dashas which makes all the feelings different for all of us. That’s the reason; we hear different life stories from a native born in a great family and another struggling not to give up only to create an empire of their own and have much inspirational stories to tell.

The above write-up is a general prediction and these are my personal views, which may not match with other astrologers. This is based on the 10 years of my experience on reading this subject and looking into the practicalities of the situation based on horoscope analysis for all these years.

Thanks once again for reading.


Mainak Majumdar

Astro Specialist with 10 years of Experience


Astrology Article 2: Importance of First House in Vedic Horoscope


Whenever a horoscope is analyzed, an astrologer tends to look into the native’s first house. Each of the houses in Vedic Astrology determines one or more aspects in life and represents some parts of the physical body. It is said that the degrees up to the cusp of that house from the beginning of a sign represents the left side or left parts of the physical body. Rest of the degrees represent the right side of the physical body. Some scholars may vary this aspect.

To me personally, the first house or Kendra house plays a very important part in one’s life. This house refers to one’s physical body, its complexion, its strength, its appearance and stature. It also denotes ones temperament and ones character, dreams and knowledge. The first house also determines one’s longevity though there are other houses which determine those. A strong first house also makes one free from diseases.

If the First House Lord or Ascendant Lord is strong, then the native will be born in a well to do family and will be blessed with an attractive physical appearance. Also there is a need to mention here that the native will suffer less from diseases unless the First Lord is weak and 6thLord, 8th Lord or 12th Lord sits in the First house.

Personally after seeing many horoscopes, I have come to the conclusion that the First House means ones Atma or Soul. It’s like searching the essence of your birth and is manifestations of all your past karmas or deeds. It basically denotes your inner wishes which may one or other time surfaces from ones subconscious mind. So, what happens when your first house is represented by Mars (Mangal Graha)? Let’s analyse the same in details:

a) Mars owns two houses in a vedic horoscope. One is Aries and the other is Scorpio. Each of them will affect differently any native, since one is an Airy sign and the other is a Watery sign though both are ruled by the same planet Mars. In the case of Aries Ascendant Mars also rules the eight House i.e Scorpio (Vrishchik Rashi). Here Mars sitting in the first house also transfers its energy to the Fourth House i.e Cancer Sign. Hence these people if not under the aspect of Planet Jupiter (Brihaspati) or Jupiter not sitting in the first house will be moderate built and will be a fighter and self motivator. They will try to overcome all challenges in their life, through their own efforts and hence these people are generally great sources of positive energy to connect with. Some of the natives may be short tempered and they do make enemies in the world. If Mars is not in a good position, the native may suffer due to their short temper or may be prone to accidents or surgical operations. However, they rise again to create their own empire. Their Atma /Soul provides them with enormous energy to move ahead in life. A well placed Mars for Aries Ascendant/Lagna proves beneficial to the natives and will help them to live long. Such Aries Ascendant people also becomes good sportsman and may have water body, water reservoir, dairy farm etc near their house.

The First house and its Lord hence become very important as without self, a native do not have any further existence. Hence a powerful owner of the first house or a powerful first house placed in a very good position can bestow a long life to the native. It is also said that if the owner of the first house is stronger than the sixth house, then good health is bestowed to the native, though there are other parameters.

Some interesting facts which I have observed is, if the Ascendant house/ Lagna house is accepted by planets like Jupiter or Moon, the native tends to get a bulky body. Generally, it is also seen that if owner of the first house is weaker than the owner of the 12th house, then it is difficult for the native to accumulate great wealth.

Basically it’s called the ascendant house or the Lagna house and from this house calculations are made for the other houses.

The above write-up is general prediction and these are my personal views, which may not match with other astrologers. This is also based on the 10 years of my experience on reading this subject and looking into the practicalities of the situation based on horoscope analysis for all these years.

Thanks once again for reading.

Mainak Majumdar
Astro Specialist with 10 years of Experience


Astrology Article 1: Saturn Transiting to Sagittarius


This is my personal analysis and hope you may like reading the faith based subject. Everyone of us are born with a specific zodiac sign in Vedic astrology. Each one of us are born with different ascendants and the question lies as to what will happen when there is a major change with the transit of Saturn Planet from Scorpio to Sagittarius and the ways it is going to affect all.

Capricorn Moon signs (As per Vedic Astrology ) have observed that these 2 and a half years have brought a sea change in your profession and life. You may have observed that your life is better now than what it was before two and a half years. That’s due to the transit of Saturn in your 11th sign from the moon. Now Saturn will be 12th from your moon so Capricorn moon signs natives will be under the influence of Sade Sati. Its Seven and a half year testing period for you and this is the time to face the results of your own karma. This will be a learning opportunity for you to see life from close. Its not a bad time but a time where one need to analysis situations and move ahead in life. Yes things for Capricorn moon signs will not be smooth after January 2017 but its time to move ahead with plans and patience for the next 2 and a half years.

Sagittarius moon sign (As per Vedic Astrology) natives need to take special care of their health and not to get depressed from the things which will be happening. Please remember that every cloud have a silver lining and the world will offer you better opportunities in future. Stay cool and have patience for the next 2 and a half years.

For the Aquarius moon signs (As per Vedic Astrology), it will be a great time for making the most out of life. It will be a great time to expand your horizons & visions. With more feathers added to your wings, you are going to get your desires fulfilled. Life is going to get you good surprises and plans for the next 2 and a half years. You may make maximum use of this good time.

For the Pisces moon sign (As per Vedic Astrology) natives, Saturn will be in your tenth from the moon. So, these will be a timing when you will be ambitious and will work hard towards your life’s goals. So, you may tend to become highly disciplined and more preserving in nature.

For Aries moon sign (As per Vedic Astrology) natives, Saturn moves to your 9th house and hence you may become more spiritual and you will be capable of good concentration and clear thinking. You will tend to become more philosophical and will take advise from father or fatherly figures.

For Taurus moon sign (As per Vedic Astrology), Saturn is moving to your 8th house. So, now you are free from the 7th dristi of Saturn and you may find things happening for good after January 2017. There will be memorable events happening for you. However, you need to take care of any diseases happening in the lower abdomen and the lower part of the body. You may look out for some properties which may suddenly come to you.

For Gemini moon sign (As per Vedic Astrology), you are in the direct dristi of Saturn. Mercury and Saturn are friends but you may have some challenging times ahead and hence have patience and take time while deciding any important decisions. Please do not be in a hurry and move ahead with confidence.

For Cancer moon sign (As per Vedic Astrology), these is going to be a good time for you after long. Your enemies will stop bothering you and doors of opportunities will open for you. Happy times ahead.

For Leo moon sign (As per Vedic Astrology) natives, these will be a time when you will be free from the dhaiya i.e Saturn’s 10th dristi and you will see lights ahead. You will be more creative professionally and change of job or promotions is on the cards.

For Virgo moon sign (As per Vedic Astrology) natives, you may face some problems after January 2017 and there may be some challenging times ahead but you may get maximum support from your family. Have patience and things will be good.

For Libra moon sign (As per Vedic Astrology) natives, the days of SadeSati are over and happy times are waiting for you. The hard days are over for now and you are free to move ahead with you plans. Life will provide you now with better opportunities.

For Scorpio moon sign (As per Vedic Astrology), your hard time is slowly ending. The enormous challenge will smoothen now, but you need to have patience with your plans, as you are still under the effect Sade sati.

The above are just some general predictions based on the movement of Planet Saturn to Sagittarius as per my personal analysis in Vedic Astrology. There are other 9 planets which are also moving or placed in different houses in your Vedic horoscope and each one will effect you differently. As per my previous article, Mahadashas will also matter in personal Vedic predictions based on personal analysis of horoscope. So, in short there are many parameters which actually determine ones destiny and the above astro reflections are my personal views and the same may or may not happen with you. As it is rightly said that your destiny is your hard work and luck which makes things possible.

Thanks for reading.

Specialist in Astrology with 10 years Experience

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