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Please note that this Numerology Consultations will be a General Consultation via email on your strengths, weakness based on the use of your birth name and date of birth. This small report will focus on areas where you need to improve upon in life and need to focus on. Please also note that this is not a Name Change Consultation. This will be based on my analysis and the views may vary from other Numerologists globally. It also means that its your individual choice, if you may want to implement the same in your life. By payment, you also have agreed to the disclaimer of this website for any Astrology or Numerology Analysis.

Numerology is an ancient science based on the vibrations of numbers. Personally, when I started reading this subject, I was fascinated by the usefulness of numbers and its vibrations. To me, the world is full of numbers starting from the time when we wake up, the date which we move, the time which we see in a clock, the type of house which we live in, the vehicle which we move in etc. Even the Solar system has a particular number of planets, a particular number of stars and the universe has infinite numbers which I hope is something, which we are trying to explore.

In short, there are numbers everywhere. The question lies as what does this numbers and their vibrations tell us. Does this numbers communicate to us through Names, through their vibrations?

In pursuit of searching more knowledge, I started studying Numerology long back and was fascinated by its theories and its accuracy. Somewhere, few human tries to find an immediate answer to their problems by changing that vibrations through remedy consultations on Numerology. Personally, as per myself, this science is not about that. Its about understanding yourselves, your own hidden talents, your weakness, your challenges and the ways how you can improve your the skill sets to have more growth in Life. That what matters to me in a long term. But one need to have patience to listen to the stories of these numbers and understand one-self for better. Name Change is not a solution. Its all about knowing one-self.

It’s difficult to come to conclusion as to when and how the use of Numbers came into existence, however it’s quite clear that all these started from pre-historic times. The Pythagorean and Chaldean school of numbers are the most used. Chaldean Numerology is older, but Pythagorean system of numbers is far more popular as far my analysis goes. However, I try to use to both the form of Numerology calculation to understand the path and the things which may occur in one’s life. As per many numerologists, the Pythagorean Numerology has its origin from the West, The Chaldean Numerology has its origin from Ancient Babylon and The Kabbalah Numerology has its origin from Hebrew Mysticism.

This is all from me.

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Only For Numerology Analysis based on the Accurate Date Of Birth and Name as per Birth Certificate is Rs 2100/- (Rupees Two Thousand One Hundred Only). This will contain your Hidden Talents, Your Weakness, Your Challenges and Skills to Acquire in This Life for Over-all Growth as per the Numerology Birth-Chart Prepared by Me. This report will have my own thoughts and Analysis based on my Experience. You need to provide the following for preparing your NUMEROLOGY CHART. Report is likely to be of 3 Pages. If you have read the disclaimer and have agreed to the same, then only please go forward with the payments.

  1. Accurate Name Spelling as per the Birth Certificate…………..
  2. Accurate Name Spelling as per the Name Change, if any done within 10 years………..
  3. Exact Date, Month and Year of Birth ………..
  4. Few Lines About Yourself ……..



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Kindly Note that the horoscope (Astrology or Numerology) analysis will be my personal views/ suggestions which may not match with other astrologers or fortune tellers. This will be based on my personal experience of studying this subject and looking into the practicalities of the situation based on horoscope analysis for all these years. Also note that if you face difficulty or challenging situations in following the suggestions/remedies provided, please discontinue.

The astrological advice received thereof should not be used as a substitute of advice or considered given by a professional of that specific field such as lawyer, doctor, financial advisor etc.

Astrological or Numerology accuracy depends on accuracy of birth details shared and forecast or prediction or analysis or suggestion should be taken strictly as guidelines only.

Horoscope (Numerology or Astrology) Analysis is an expression of astrology/Numerology as a science that depends on accuracy of birth details shared. Any such expression/advice/forecast/prediction/consultation is strictly neither disputable in any court of law irrespective of national or international laws nor in any arbitrary council.

Any client below the age of 18 years should take consent from their parent/guardian to proceed with horoscope analysis

The astrologer and numerologist takes no warranty of the accuracy of the astrological interpretation and will not be responsible for any further interpretation made out of it.

If for any socio-economic-political religious reasons, astrology or related sciences & study are illegal in your place or jurisdiction or area, then by visiting the website/seeking advice or consultations through astrologer on this website you are confirming that it is your free will. The astrologer or Numerologists (s) on this website or the owner of the website will under no circumstances be held responsible for any repercussions emerging, thereafter. The user will be understood to be completely aware of the consequences and will be solely responsible for any actions taken thereafter.

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