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Astrology has always been my hobby and have slowly progressed into my veins and arteries based on this interest in this ancient science. I have read this subject over ten years and have consulted around hundreds of vedic horoscopes. It has been a great moment for me to learn as I progressed in my self research for all these years. Recently, I have read books from the writers like K. N Rao, Sam Geppi, Andrew Fox, Ralph T H Griffith, Dr. S. P Bhagat, Deepak Vishwanathan, Ram Vishwanathan, Dr. Bhaskaran Pillai, Dr. K Guru Rajesh, Leon Martin, Doreen Virtue, Collen Archer, Shri Ram Sharma Acharya, Vijaya Kumar, Komilla Sutton etc. What is wonderful is that I am now able to put across my own thoughts through the website:   https://predictionsbyastrology.com/

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