Astrology Consultations:

Astrology is a Vedic Science and based on faith. For any further discussions/consultations, you may email with the following details only at:  and a copy at

Responses will be received Only from these two email addresses only. We do not have any other email address for my Astrology Consultations.

The Consultation Charges will be based on your questions. But for Overall General Horoscope Consultations the Charges are Rs 3100/- (Rupees Three Thousand One Hundred) only for Indian Nationals (2 Pages Report). For Foreign Nationals The Overall General Horoscope Consultations Charges are $65 (Dollar Seventy Six) only. For Corporate Astrology, the consultation charges are $291 (Dollar Two Hundred Ninety One):

Individual Horoscope Consultation:

1. Full Name: _________________________________________________________________
2. Accurate Date of Birth With Month and Year: ____________________________
3. Time of Birth (AM/PM): ____________________________________________________
4. Place of Birth Including State and Country: ______________________________
5. Current City of Residence and Country: ___________________________________
6. Few Lines about Yourself: __________________________________________________
7. Gender (Male/Female):

8. Your Question/Overall Analysis of your Vedic Astrology Chart.


Corporate Astrology Consultation: 

A. Company Name:  _______________

B.  Year of Registration and Formation:  _______________

C. Time of Formation (AM/PM):  ______________

D. Place of Formation: ______________

E. Present Headquarters:  ___________

F. Company Website and Few Lines About the Corporate: ____________

G. Questions:  _________________

Before Contacting, Please Read The Disclaimer:


Kindly Note that the horoscope analysis will be my personal views/ suggestions which may not match with other astrologers or fortune tellers. This will be based on my personal experience of studying this subject and looking into the practicalities of the situation based on horoscope analysis for all these years. Also note that if you face difficulty or challenging situations in following the suggestions/remedies provided, please discontinue.

The astrological advice received thereof should not be used as a substitute of advice or considered given by a professional of that specific field such as lawyer, doctor, financial advisor etc.

Astrological accuracy depends on accuracy of birth details shared and forecast or prediction or analysis or suggestion should be taken strictly as guidelines only.

Horoscope Analysis is an expression of astrology as a science that depends on accuracy of birth details shared. Any such expression/advice/forecast/prediction/consultation is strictly neither disputable in any court of law irrespective of national or international laws nor in any arbitrary council.

Any client below the age of 18 years should take consent from their parent/guardian to proceed with horoscope analysis

The astrologer takes no warranty of the accuracy of the astrological interpretation and will not be responsible for any further interpretation made out of it.

If for any socio-economic-political religious reasons, astrology or related sciences & study are illegal in your place or jurisdiction or area, then by visiting the website/seeking advice or consultations through astrologer on this website you are confirming that it is your free will. The astrologer (s) on this website or the owner of the website will under no circumstances be held responsible for any repercussions emerging, thereafter. The user will be understood to be completely aware of the consequences and will be solely responsible for any actions taken thereafter.