About Me

Mainak is an Astro Specialist with Fourteen (14) years of experience. He has read hundreds of vedic horoscopes of people all across the globe and have analyzed the charts based on various factors. He has learnt Astrology based on his intensive reading Astrology Books for National and International Personalities over a decade and have done his own research my understanding the practicalities of a situation based on the movement of the Cosmic Planets. This being a wonderful science, he has read numerous books and from eminent personalities like K. N Rao, Sam Geppi, Andrew Fox, Ralph T.H. Griffith, Dr. S. P Bhawat, Deepak Vishwanathan, Ram Vishwanathan, Dr. Bhaskaran Pillai, Dr. K Guru Rajesh, Leon Martin, Doreen Virtue, Colleen Archer, Ram Sharma Acharya, Vijaya Kumar, Komilla Sutton, Doreen Virtue, Steven Forrest, Hilary H. Carter, Jonathan Goldman, Jean Simpson, Dr. M Katakkar, Dawne Kovan etc.  He is seeking knowledge based on practicalities of the situation by astrological horoscope analysis. 

He can be reached at   ‘mainak_micro@rediffmail.com’ and ‘predictionsbyastrology@gmail.com’ and for Consultations, you may visit the webpage:  ASTROLOGY CONSULTATIONS

Majumdar is also a Artist and Does His Oil Paintings/Sketches, which can be seen and bought from http://www.artisticcrayons.com 

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