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Dear Readers,

This is a welcome message of my website on Vedic Astrology. Thank you for your time and visiting my astrology web-page.

I am an Astro Specialist with Fifteen (15) years of experience. I have read hundreds of Vedic horoscopes of people all across the globe and have analyzed the charts based on various factors. I have learnt Astrology based on my intensive reading of Astrology Books for National and International Personalities for over a decade and have done my own research by understanding the practicalities of a situation based on the movement of the Cosmic Planets.

Since I receive many emails from Clients (India & Abroad) regarding Astrology Horoscope Consultation on Entrepreneurship Astrology, Business Astrology, Medical Astrology, Career & Profession Astrology, Relationship Astrology asking about consultation procedures, may I request you to please check the web-link ‘ for Astrology Consultations’ at https://predictionsbyastrology.com/astro-sessions/

The Recent Consultations which I have started is Nakshatra Consultations in Vedic Astrology.

The History of Astrology dates back to thousands of years. It was the Indo-European people, who during the 3rd millennium BC have made roots in the calendrical systems and used to predict based on their celestial calculations. It was interesting to read the science which made them look at the stars and prognosticate one’s future. It was those times, when most of the administrative decisions taken were based on this science. The Kings and Queens used to respect the knowledge mostly carried on by the priests. It was during the 17 century BC when astrology took news forms and entered the political and cultural circles. Astrology is also used for finding our problems, their roots and ways to overcome from the celestial perspective.

The Vedic system of astrology consists of twelve houses and each house has its own implications. For example the first house in astrology denotes self or the atma (soul). The first house is all about yourself and your looks. The first house states as to who you are as an individual. This provides a very important information about the type of the person. Similarly, there are other eleven houses which has its own meanings and values. Some states that sixth, eighth and twelfth houses are not good. But each of these houses have their own importance. For example the eight house in not only about birth, death or suddenness, it’s also about understanding yourself deep and is about major happenings in your life including your parental property. So every house aspects many parts of one’s life.

Each house is divided into Nakshatras and is divided into degrees. Planets are positioned in the degrees and they give their respective benefits which may be beneficial or malefic depending on the placements and their depositors. A prediction is done based on a seeing other parameters like Maha Dasha, Antar Dasha, Pratyantar and Sooksma dasha. From a single chart many charts are prepared. The main important chart is the D1 chart which is called the Lagna Chart. It’s from the Lagna chart that other charts like D2 – Hora Chart, D9 – Navamsha Chart etc are derived. Those charts help to understand in depth the occurring of an event and reason for which an event is likely not to take place. Also I want to mention that there are different types of horoscope charts prepared viz eastern style, northern style, southern style etc which are same charts but viewed differently based on the comfort of an astrologer. For example astrology being my hobby, I am comfortable in Charts created in Eastern Style.

Then an astrologer also needs to focus on the strength of the planets and many astrologers see it from navamsha and the Shadbala – Bhavbala table. So, a good astrologer needs to take care of all the parameters and charts before pronouncing the verdict.

I hope you all have liked reading this small brief about astrology, a vast Vedic science and to me personally it is also a faith based subject. All said, it is clear that one’s achievement is the culmination of hard work and destiny.

For Astrology Consultations:

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Astrology is a Vedic Science and based on faith. For any further discussions/consultations, you may email with the following details only at:   mainakmajumdar@predictionsbyastrology.com and a copy at   mainak_micro@rediffmail.com predictionsbyastrology@gmail.com

Responses will be received Only from these aforementioned three email addresses only. We do not have any other email address for our Astrology Consultations. We will request you to send us an email first. Due to large number of emails received, we request you to kindly provide us sometime to respond. 

Our Astrological Consultation Services are open to all, however we request all our clients to pay the Astrological Consultation fee though Banks that are enlisted under Government of India. The Names and Details of the Enlisted Banks can be found in the link provided below: https://rbi.org.in/scripts/banklinks.aspx


The Consultation Charges for Nakshatra Consultation are given below:

This consultation includes the following:

  1. General Over-all Horoscope
  2. Two Questions – Free with the given option

Please note that the Six Months Horoscope Analysis is valid only when one shows me the Nakshatra Consultation. Alternatively, one pay both the charges for Nakshatra Consultation as well as for Six Months Horoscope Analysis. Please contact via email for this option.

Option 1:

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Only For Nakshatra Analysis based on the birth chart, the Astrological Charges are Rs 7200/- (Rupees Nine Thousand Only). 

***The Payment of Nakshatra Consultation of a Vedic Astrological Horoscope can be done through the Stripe Link from India:

(Please note that https://stripe.com/en-in  is a ‘Payment Infrastructure For The Internet’ (as per their website branding) and my Web -Page at https://wordpress.com is giving me this facility for Receiving Payments. We are just using their service for receiving payments and we are no way connected with their company decisions. Please do not save your card details in Stripe.)

***For Consultations from Outside India, they can pay an amount of $120 (Dollar One Hundred Twenty Only) through Paypal with the description – ‘Astrology Horoscope Consultation

Paypal Payment Link:


(If your payment is successful, then request you to send us an email)


Individual Horoscope Consultation:

1. Full Name: _________________________________________________________________
2. Accurate Date of Birth With Month and Year: ____________________________
3. Time of Birth (AM/PM): ____________________________________________________
4. Place of Birth Including State and Country: ______________________________
5. Current City of Residence and Country: ___________________________________
6. Few Lines about Yourself: __________________________________________________
7. Gender (Male/Female):

8. Your Question/Overall Analysis of your Vedic Astrology Chart.


For Corporate Astrology, please email for knowing the consultation fees:


Corporate Astrology Consultation: 

A. Company Name:  _______________

B.  Year of Registration and Formation:  _______________

C. Time of Formation (AM/PM):  ______________

D. Place of Formation: ______________

E. Present Headquarters:  ___________

F. Company Website and Few Lines About the Corporate: ____________

G. Questions:  _________________

Before Contacting, Please Read The Disclaimer:


Kindly Note that the horoscope analysis will be my personal views/ suggestions which may not match with other astrologers or fortune tellers. This will be based on my personal experience of studying this subject and looking into the practicalities of the situation based on horoscope analysis for all these years. Also note that if you face difficulty or challenging situations in following the suggestions/remedies provided, please discontinue.

The astrological advice received thereof should not be used as a substitute of advice or considered given by a professional of that specific field such as lawyer, doctor, financial advisor etc.

Astrological accuracy depends on accuracy of birth details shared and forecast or prediction or analysis or suggestion should be taken strictly as guidelines only.

Horoscope Analysis is an expression of astrology as a science that depends on accuracy of birth details shared. Any such expression/advice/forecast/prediction/consultation is strictly neither disputable in any court of law irrespective of national or international laws nor in any arbitrary council.

Any client below the age of 18 years should take consent from their parent/guardian to proceed with horoscope analysis

The astrologer takes no warranty of the accuracy of the astrological interpretation and will not be responsible for any further interpretation made out of it.

If for any socio-economic-political religious reasons, astrology or related sciences & study are illegal in your place or jurisdiction or area, then by visiting the website/seeking advice or consultations through astrologer on this website you are confirming that it is your free will. The astrologer (s) on this website or the owner of the website will under no circumstances be held responsible for any repercussions emerging, thereafter. The user will be understood to be completely aware of the consequences and will be solely responsible for any actions taken thereafter.


Mainak Majumdar, Astrologer

Email: mainak_micro@rediffmail.com, predictionsbyastrology@gmail.com & mainakmajumdar@predictionsbyastrology.com

Blog Web Page: https://predictionsbyastrology.tumblr.com/

Follow Me At Twitter on Astrology: https://twitter.com/Astromainak

For Astrological Consultations, you may visit the page: https://predictionsbyastrology.com/astro-sessions/  

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